The Lord of the Rings Online, Gilrain

Gilerian - level 95 Lore-master - Elf
Gilly, Gillyweed, or simply pet-obsessed elf. Gilerian is one of those scaredy LMs that are hiding behind their army of animals (Radagast anyone?) so they don't have to fight anything themselves. Gilly is however an excellent cook and provides food for all those brave people who have more guts than brains...

Isquariel - level 87 Rune-keeper - Elf
The Squirrel loves nothing more than to zap-zap every evil creature that crosses her path. And if you so much as think of her as a Lore-breaker, she will EC the living daylight out of you!

Ithilwen - level 95 Minstrel - Race of Man - Rank 9
Minstrel Extraordinaire. Healing her way through Middle-earth for nearly 6 1/2 years now, Ithil has unfortunately developed a 'slight' obsession with mounts. One might say the only reason she got rank 9 in the Ettenmoors was so she could lay her hands on the Mahogany Bay Steed... She is also the richest and stingiest person around.

Megilieth - level 95 Champion - Elf
Megs, Meggie, or idiot chimp. She will hit you first, and ask questions later. Except, you'll be dead by then. She won't go anywhere without her trusted sidekick 'Thad, because we all need canon fodder out there, don't we? She likes to Shing-Shing and deems herself a great metalsmith. Which she isn't.

Varnariel - level 85 Hunter - Elf
Varnie is, in a nutshell, a fail pew-pew. Like, there is nothing not FAIL about her. She has a grand total of 3 Valour and 2 Zeal, and Loyalty and Justice aren't faring too good either. And don't mention Determination, just...don't. She is still doing lots of class skill deeds (epic fail), and is no where near to finishing any book quests. And she does DPM (Damage per Minute), DPS ran away from her. Screaming! However, maybe there is one redeeming quality...she can make shinies, and lots of shinies! Jewellers for the win, who needs pew-pews anyway?!

Wyn - level 85 Guardian - Elf - Rank 4
Wyn used to be the main. But then evil Moria broke guardians and she just couldn't do what she's paid to do any more. Pushed into a dark corner, she focussed on her scholaring until she eventually got dragged back into the tanking limelight. She secretly envies Ithil's status of 'new main' as that used to be her.

Wynniekins - level 95 Burglar - Hobbit
The star of the show (no really, she's got the title and all)! Wynniekins is a sneaky hobbit that will stab you first and ask questions later. She loves adventuring (which means looking for food in foreign places) and festivals. Oh, and she is not aware that she is a character in a computer game so please don't tell her. And if a certain someone calls her 'The Podge' one more time, they will be found dead in the morning with a burglar dagger stuck between their shoulder blades...

StarWars: The Old Republic, Red Eclipse

Santhea - level 50 Sith Sorcerer - Human
The Mistress of Purple Lightning brings fear and terror to the forces of the Republic.

If there's some backstabbing going on amongst all of these characters, it is all just for funsies and I can guarantee that no elves, hobbits or men were harmed in the making of this blog. Maybe a few dwarves, but hey, that's not bad, is it?! Except...Wynnie likes dwarves all of a sudden, and what is that all about anyway?!


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