Time for luncheon?

Friday, 30 March 2012

Diary entry by Wynniekins Cutthroat, level 68 Burglar, Gilrain

Dear Diary,

Ithil, crazy minstrel extraordinaire, told me a story today...a story that either goes to show that I was right when I said I wouldn't join her and Wyn in the Great River region...or it's a clear sign that she's gone loopy. According to her, she went and fought a Nazgûl yesterday... So either she's incredibly brave or incredibly stupid...your choice. Of course there's the other option of her being insane, wouldn't surprise me with the company she's keeping. That burg she hangs out with is just creepily OP!

Anyway, I'm digressing. So she was walking through this swamp with her Dunlanding friend...the reed there is twice Ithil's height, so not gonna go there myself... So they were walking and chatting about this legend (Ithil told me all about it but I kinda dozed off) and suddenly part of their morale bar (what's that anyway?) goes all red like something dreadful is going to happen... And up pops Mr Ring-wraith and they have to fight it. And Ithil tries to tell me that they survived that...as if!

And after all this, she and her crazy burg friend went and killed some giant spiders, trolls and WALKING TREES! Insane people! And tomorrow they intend to go into Mirkwood and fight another Nazgûl... You know something, I'd rather go without supper than do something so insanely stupid!

Speaking of food, it's time for luncheon, so I think I better hurry.

Wynniekins Cutthroat, signing off.


Ravanel said...

Sounds clear to me: keep away from that Ithil person! Smells like adventures to me. Nothing a decent hobbit should occupy himself with.


Wynniekins said...

*coughs* First of all, I'm a girl, so it's 'herself', tuh! And secondly, I like adventures, just not the kind where you can, you know, actually get killed ;)

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