Festival time?

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Diary entry by Wynniekins Cutthroat, level 75 Burglar, Gilrain

Dear Diary,

It's spring time and I am beginning to wonder when we will be celebrating the coming of warner weather and longer days. The people of Stangard, nice as they are, have no clue how to put together a party. Not that I really blame them. Before I got there, they had rationing and all that 'good' stuff. Now they're slowly getting back on their feet, but a festival is probably not the most important thing on their minds.

So I will have to head back to Bree and the Shire. I have to admit I sometimes do miss the rolling hills of the Green Hill Country and the splashing of little hobbits in the Water. And at times I can't think of anything better than a pie and a glass of ale in the Green Dragon at the end of a long day avoiding doing chores...

Don't get me wrong, dear Diary, I'm not homesick and want to go back home all of a sudden. I still very much love my life as an adventurer, but times of festival should be spent amongst people who know how to celebrate in style. And when it comes to partying, eating and drinking, it's us hobbits that really know how to go about stuffs. So going home for the summer, eh, spring might be a good idea.

According to Miss Crazy Minstrel and her weird calendar, festivals should kick off next Thursday all over Middle-earth, so I'm really excited already as I might get a new pony from the races. And Ithil will definitely add the newest horse to her ever-growing collection. Seriously, I don't want to know how much she has to pay in upkeep for her stables...

Other than looking forward to the festivities, I was once again dragged into Orthanc...Acid is still a no-go. But Ithil said they made some good progress on Shadow, I guess that's at least something. And yesterday she went to the Ettenmoors to kill some evil creeps and apparently had lots of fun doing so.

But I'm really looking forward to tomorrow as we are going back to Mirkwood to visit the Lieutenant of Dol Guldur...hopefully he'll give us his lovely Unwelcome Mat this time around. Until then I will just sit quietly and eat the steaming pie someone just placed in front of me.

Wynniekins Cutthroat, signing off.


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