A Festival of Creeps

Monday, 28 May 2012

Diary entry by Ithilwen, level 75 Minstrel, Gilrain

Dear Diary of Wynniekins,

You have been officially ninjaed. Or rather, I took you up when the silly hobbit discarded you so very carelessly at the sight of pies and ale and pipeweed. Yes, she's run off to the Party Tree, leaving a note to not disturb her for the next two weeks. And she left you as well, Diary... Sad, isn't it?

But I'm nice, despite the things Wynniekins says about me, and am going to keep you company until she returns. Exit silly hobbit, enter balanced human.

So pretty! And very well-behaved as well.
So what have I been up to lately? Well, let me tell you. The Spring Festival has started and that means a new horse is out and has to be added to my collection. This time around, I had to win two races as opposed to the previous festivals and get 40 Spring Leaves. Not that this was really an issue as I had some left-over Leaves from last year, and winning horse races is not exactly hard.

So I went to the Shire and Bree and got my Race Tokens and did a few quests in the Hedge Maze and voilà, we have ourselves a new horsie. I'm really loving it as it foreshadows where we are going to head this autumn (or so I've been told). Simbelmynë are small white flowers that commonly grow on the barrows of the kings of Rohan and having a Simbelmynë Steed and matching tunics, dresses and cloaks is just lovely. The seamstresses must have been really busy.

I've also been rather mean to the hobbitses of the Shire, or more precisely, the blasted Inn League. Those awfully nice and lovey dovey hobbits make my skin crawl, so I made it my mission to sabotage them whenever and wherever possible. And it so happens that there are dwarves who share my feelings towards those...those midgets! Pesky little critters, the lot of them (well, maybe not Wynniekins, but I'm telling you that Frodo is seriously annoying and I only really talked to him once in Rivendell). So I joined the Ale Association and have the highest standing possible with them. They call me a Creep, and I'm proud of it!

Other than that, I have been killing real creeps in the Ettenmoors again. I really don't know what's going on there, but every time us Free Peoples turn our backs on that particular area of Eriador, the minions of Angmar overrun everything again. Including the keeps. But it's kinda fun to vanquish them as the more we kill, the better rewards we get from the lovely folk up in Glân Vraig. Not too long ago, I got a new horse from them for example, it's a bit slow but still very nice to look at. My friend Wyn isn't too happy about me having it though, she mumbled something about having wanted it for ages and some such. But it's not my fault that I go to the Moors and she isn't, is it? And they also give you titles...and right now I can't wait to finally reach enough standing with them to be called Lieutenant. Just think... Lieutenant Ithilwen. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

But I have to head off. There's more dark deeds to be done on behalf of my Dwarven friends, and more creeps to be killed. And maybe, just maybe I'll even have time to head back into the Tower of Orthanc. We shall see...

Ithilwen, riding off for now, but might be back later.


Ravanel said...

That dress is beautiful! I really need to get my ass in-game and do some festival stuff. Only, there's so much to do!

Grats on your EM stuff! :)

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