I'm Sith and this is MY Diary

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Diary entry by Santhea, Level 14 Sith Sorcerer, Tomb of Freedon Nadd


Allow me to introduce myself to you, I am your new master. No more hobbits from that terribly cheerful 'Middle-earth', no. You are now dealing with the Dark and much more fun side of the Force. For I am Sith and I can ninja this diary if I want to, and whenever I want to! And if that little midget Wynniekins has a problem with is, let's see how she likes finding herself at the receiving end of purple lightning!

Right, so let's see. I am the latest, and best, addition to this disfunctional family of pointy ears, crazy humans and the occasional midget. But I don't roam the rolling hills of the Shire, or fight insane old men with a God-complex (but quite a sense of style...robes that change colour? Give!). Oh no. My home are the far reaches of the Galaxies, where war rages between the misguided fools of the Republic and the glorious forces of the Empire.

I have only recently joined the ranks of the Sith, having been a mere slave before, but I have already become an Apprentice to Lord Zash. She's...interesting to say the least and I am sure that I'll be able to learn a lot from her. I got to Dromund Kaas, seat of the Empire and the Order of the Sith, after spending time on Korriban, and achieved level 14 so far. After the dry desert, the jungle is a most brilliant hunting ground, and while some of my missions seem mundane, they all make me grow in power...and are quite lucrative as well.

I know there is still a long road ahead of me, and many skills still left to be learned, but I think I am on the right path. And if that path has to be littered with dead bodies, so be it!

Compared to my achievements, does it really matter that Ithilwen is working on killing Saruman on Tier 2 with her friends? Or that the Squirrel managed to get the fifth piece of her armour set? Or that Varnie and Gilerian have reached a new skill level? No it doesn't! And if you disagree, Diary, I'm sure you'd make for a nice little bonfire!

Apprentice Santhea, signing off to kill some more people.


Karel Kubásek said...

I'm disapponted with you, little Sith. Not once have you mentioned the horny and hooved overlords that rule over the lands of the Empire and beyond. Silly Sith, think they have all the power, while it's the Shadow Goat Society that directs all that actually matters. You have this power, because we allow it. Don't test us again, for we might strike you down at our whim!

Karel Kubásek said...

Ah jeez, I commented as my google acount since I don't have any of the other options and this is what I got.

...anyway, it's Deus.

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