What's for second breakfast?

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Diary entry by Wynniekins Cutthroat, level 68 Burglar, Gilrain

Dear Diary,

I was woken by a 'little' girl, or boy...can't be sure with those little big people... Anyway, I was woken by the little brat who apparently lost, and get this, a toy! What am I? Lost and found?

So I told the kid that I wasn't in the business of finding toys, unless they're made of gold and then I wouldn't necessarily return them, and all I got was a tearful, "But I want my ball back!"

I explained that I'd only just woken up and that a hobbit simply couldn't function without breakie. The kid's face suddenly lit up and he/she produced some blueberry muffins and a meat pie. "My mommy told me to give you this..." Blackmailed by a kid. Just brilliant.

But who could resist muffins and pie? Sure, I'd have preferred some Lothlórien Waybread (and don't give me that 'one small bite' nonsense, I always have at least one or two whole ones) but the kid's mum is an awesome cook. Much better than Gilerian...

So I go and find out that a crow flew off with the kid's ball. A CROW?! Didn't take me long to find the real culprit and after some running around and silly chores, things ended as they always seem to do lately. With some nice back-stabbing action and the subsequent demise of Mr Crazy Crow-guy.

And the best thing is that I got back to Galtrev just in time for second breakfast... So, what's on the menu today?

Wynniekins Cutthroat, signing off.


Ravanel said...

I love Wynniekins, he's sooo lazy! Reminds me of my boyfriend, haha.

Which leaves us the mystery of Wynniekins gender. His/her thoughts are quite androgynous... and mostly focused on food, now that you mention it. Which would imply a man, as we have this Dutch saying "A man's love passes through his stomach" (does it exist in English as well?). The muffins would imply a woman, though. I guess it doesn't matter that much for a hobbit.

Wynniekins said...

Rava, Rava, Rava... Sweet, innocent little Rava... Wynniekins is most definitely a girl, or have you ever known me to play a male character? :P

Ravanel said...
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Ravanel said...

What should I say? They're so small? So you can't really tell their gender? :P

So you're like me then, only playing the girly types. :)

You didn't tell me about the saying yet! *hint*

Wynniekins said...

I'm trying to remember how you say it in English ;) Watch this space ;)

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