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Monday, 31 March 2014

Diary entry by Wynniekins Cutthroat, level 95 Burglar, Gilrain

Dear Diary,

They did it again. They ... well, I don't quite know who they are, but they made me do chores and those weird quest things again. I had such a great old time, prancing about the Shire and Winterhome, gathering up new ponies and eating my fill. It was good fun as well, I'm telling you, Diary. Food, drink and merriment at every other corner. And I even got to act again. Oh yes. I'm a little actress and I did a fantastic job. Just like last year.

I also went sightseeing. It's fun after all, and gets you away from annoying minstrels and crazy lore-mistresses. So I went to the Misty Mountains and visited my good friends the goblins. They were building nice fires for me to keep warm and also cooked me stuffs. Though I have to say it didn't exactly taste all that great. Oh well...

And I did my best to ignore certain bits of mail in my mailbox. Ithil's been chattering about Edoras, and problems in Western Rohan, but I ignored her. I also ignored that weird Gillyweed person who was babbling inanely (like always) about her uber ratsnest (bog lurker) and this song called "Ring of Fire". I think it was a song at least. Anyway, so I'm digressing. I ignored them. I'm good at that. I simply sharpened my daggers a bit. Or ate another pie or two. Or, yes, three.

But then G came up to me, sat down and handed me a cake. At this point, dear Diary, I should have known something was up and I wouldn't like it. He smiled all sweetly like and announced that while Snowbourn was nice and all, he was growing restless. An elf. Restless. The thought! They sit around for hundreds of years doing nothing, but being in Snowie for all of six months is too long for Master Pointy Ears. The gall! He waved this letter in front of me then, and a map, saying we should maybe check out what was across the river. The river we were not so long ago told to not cross on pain of death. I told him he was crazy. And still somehow found myself in the little town of Entwade. Rohirrim and their naming of places. It sure is impressive. Not.

And after lots of running around, and chores, and killing things that apparently needed killing, we ended up at the Hornburg in Helm's Deep. Now I don't know for sure, but I think something bad's gonna happen here pretty darn soon. But that's for another day I think. Because now Megilieth decided to join us out here in Rohan, and she can have the limelight for all I care. I'll just go and find something to eat.

Speaking of which, my dear friends Corudan and Horn have made me some munchies, so I'm off. Talk to you later.

Wynniekins Cutthroat, signing off.


Ravanel said...

Good to read from you again!

I love the picture at which you're sitting quietly next to a campfire and this goblin just keeps staring at you as if he hasn't seen a halfling in his life. Probably actually hasn't. ^^

What a heroine you are, even providing entertainment for those poor goblins!

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